Marin Esnault

My work question our relationship with technologies which seek to deviate from our control.

The frontier between real and virtual holds a central role in my research. The misuse of technologies, diverting them from their real purpose, give them a form of animism. By doing so, it create a mirror of our own humanity.

List of exhibitions :

  • 2019 :
    • Grand Cordel MJC, Rennes
  • 2018 :
    • Semaine des Arts, Rennes
    • RectoVRso, Laval
  • 2017 :
    • Journée Science et Musique, Rennes
    • Journée de l'Informatique Graphique et de la Réalité Virtuelle, Rennes
    • Colloque " l'intéraction dans la musique ", Rennes